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Tucson Air Conditioning

Comfort Zone Inc provides Tucson air conditioning installations, repairs, maintenance, inspections and orders. All of our contractors are fully insured, bonded, and licensed to get the job done on time, every time and all of the parts and labor we provide come with a certified warranty. Comfort Zone Inc is also an immediate response company, meaning we will arrive and complete our services at your property within hours of your call, not days or weeks. Furthermore, we carry all of the major Tucson air conditioning brands on the market including Haier, GE, Trane, Friedrich, Lennox, Carrier, York, Kenmore, and LG. With Comfort Zone Inc you will only get the highest quality air conditioning units with the most expert workmanship and dedication on the Tucson air conditioning market. Whether you need us to take a look at your existing portable or central air conditioning unit and rectify the problem or install a brand new, state-of-the-art air conditioning unit for your residence Comfort Zone Inc has got you covered. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with any of the repair, inspection, maintenance, or installation services we provide we will fully refund your money. We also provide a free, no obligation, personalized consultation with our clients to assess their unique needs and preferences.

Furthermore, we provide emergency response Tucson air conditioning services in the event of heat waves. Comfort Zone Inc also provides rental Tucson air conditioning units of all shapes, sizes, types, and BTUs (e.g., 6,000-60,000 BTUs) if you simply need an air conditioning unit for a couple of days or weeks for work and/or recreational purposes. In addition, Comfort Zone Inc currently provides wall mounted and through the wall air conditioners, as well as portable and window mounted air conditioners. We also offer several central housing cooling solutions, including but not limited to multi and mini split, single package, high velocity small duct, and split system air conditioners. Generally speaking, we install ductless central air conditioning units for people with large residences, split air conditioners for large rooms, and window air conditioners for small rooms. This installation approach has been shown to produce the most effective cooling effects for our Tucson clients. In addition, we will actually measure the dimensions/area of each room or space in which you want an air conditioner installed. Our studies have shown that a square foot of area requires 20 BTUs in order to be optimally cooled. Based on the figures we obtain we will recommend a Tucson air conditioner with a BTU that matches your living space in order to maximize energy efficiency-and therein lower your utilities bill substantially. In addition, all of our Tucson air conditioners have high energy efficiency ratios to begin with, so you end up saving even more money in the end.