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Tucson Zoning

Are you annoyed by how some of your rooms are always colder or warmer than others? Basements tend to be freezing cold, while attics tend to sweltering hot and dusty. The reason is simple. Heat rises up, so it makes sense that upper perimeters would be warmer than their lower extremities. Furthermore, rooms in your home that are underneath vaulted ceilings have trouble retaining heat while rooms that endure heavy exposure to sunlight are very hard to cool down.

And then there are those increasingly high utility bills. Studies have shown that over 40% of an average households utility bill stems from cooling and heating the home. Wouldn't it be nice if you could decrease your bill by up to 30% with one quick, effective solution and increase or decrease the temperature of the rooms of your choice with a click of a button? Now you can. The solution is Tucson zoning. Comfort Zone Inc installs state-of the-art Tucson zoning systems, on demand, in just a few hours. Essentially, Tucson zoning systems consist of several thermostats that are connected together via a control panel. The control panel is responsible for controlling the mechanical dampers that are located inside the ductwork of the forced-air zoning system we provide. Moreover, each thermostat that is connected to the control panel will carefully monitor the zone/room that it is responsible for. Depending on the thermostat settings you set they will close and open the dampers located in the ductwork accordingly. With our Tucson zoning systems you can heat and cool any room in your home the exact temperature you desire with a few quick inputs. Moreover, if there are rooms that you don't use very often you can temporality or permanently deactivate the thermostats responsible for monitoring those rooms in order to save energy (and subsequently money) that would have gone to waste heating or cooling those unoccupied rooms.

If you don't want to buy a completely new Tucson zoning system then we can retrofit our damper systems to fit the pre-existing ductwork in your home. Moreover, the upgrade is electronic based, so you don't have to worry about us tearing apart existing ductwork in order to install large motors. Furthermore, all of our dampers are completely immune to aging, moisture, ozone, heat, and airborne chemicals. In addition, all of our Tucson zoning systems come with a certified warranty for complete peace of mind. We also provide complete Tucson slave zoning systems (direct thermostat control), complete Tucson HVAC zoning systems, (independent zone/ control panel based) and an amalgam of both.